Friday, January 7, 2011

New speakers!

Got a pair of speakers for Christmas and they just arrived today! They are Totem Arro loudspeakers, 4 OHM's rating, loving them so far. Replacing some total crap speakers I had up before this is really gonna take my audio game to the next level. Still a lot of tweaking to do in terms of setup, most notably placement and putting in some new cables.

Overall very psyched for this new acquisition. The speakers are a lot smaller than I expected but they pack quite a punch. Having just configured my DAC (digital audio converter) for my computer I can already tell a huge difference. Gonna be posting about some music stuff from the past year upcoming, just wanted to put some pictures up of these bad boys for now.

So far have tested with some Beck, Kanye, Van Morrison, Aphex Twin, Caribou, and Deerhunter. All sound awesome, working well across many genres is key.

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