Friday, August 3, 2012

The Music We Love feat. Washed Out

It's been way too long since I updated this thing. Nearly half a year has flown by, some things have changed a lot while many have stayed the same. I want to start posting again, I never even finished the second half of my fave shows from 2011. But I guess there's somewhat of a reason for that. Music is a powerful thing, the memories associated with some of the best shows I saw last year are difficult to revisit in some ways. I'm sure everyone has had an album or maybe even just a song that they can't listen to the same way anymore. Things have changed though, new music, new people, new experiences, a new year. This is a welcome back post, featuring a new band that has touched me personally. If you haven't heard of Washed Out I highly suggest you give them a listen, and you can start with this video. I shot this at Forecastle fest in Louisville with some other videographers working for this new blog, that's another story I will try and address in a different post. For now just enjoy the smooth sounds of this great band, who I have now seen twice this year and today and leaving for Chicago to see again opening up for Tune-Yards (I'm kind of obsessed). But that's how it goes with me and music.

It's been another great year for music, I just need to start writing more about what I see. Experiences come first though. Until next time....