Saturday, January 8, 2011

An attempt at explaining the NFL's appeal

The NFL playoffs are moments away, which for many is one of the most exciting moments all year in sports. And then there are others who couldn't give two shits. To try and explain the NFL's appeal to people who don't care is tough, but this is how I feel.

Football, and more specifically the NFL league itself, is the most intense sports competition in America. With only 16 regular season games played per team and a single elimination playoff system every game counts. And while football is definitely a sport of the super-athlete it is also BY FAR the most team based and strategic sport out there. In no sport is the coach and the gameplan as important.

It may seem odd but football is not so different than chess. With a variety of pieces (players) it is up to the commander (coach) to reach checkmate (scoring more points). This is how in a game filled with incredible all-star athletes teams like the Patriots, who rely on strategy more than just buying the best players, excel. Obviously they have one big star in Brady but it is really more their coaching and how the organization is run that propels them to so much success. It is incredibly interesting to see how teams pull off wins, all the different ways you can make for many mesmerizing finishes. Plus fantasy football is one of the greatest things ever, no other sport lends itself as well to the art of fantasy. Only some can understand this, but that number grows every year and it is totally mainstream now.

I think this is going to be yet another great playoff series, I'm rooting for the Packers personally. No matter what though it will be an exciting test for the 12 best teams in the league. Well maybe the Seahawks aren't among that group but hey they made it and have a better chance of making the superbowl than the other 20 teams. Just barely though.

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