Thursday, March 31, 2011

SXSW day 3

I'm running very behind keeping this updated, need to get caught up so I can report on my latest experience at Ultra. I go to a lot of music events every year, I first started in 2004 when I was 19. I love the experiences and doing these things with friends, but in some ways also research. I'm going to start my own music festival one day, hopefully within a couple of years. And for now any experience I get will be valuable towards building what I hope to be an awesome event that hopefully you will attend. So, SXSW day 3:

I had to wake up a little earlier on Friday at SXSW to go film the first Dee Goodz show. It was a bit early to draw a big crowd but he still put on a great show considering he only had 10 minutes. Some really good artists were playing later in the day such as Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T. but I didn't stick around. I wandered around a lot during the day, even tried to go the Fader Fort party to see Odd Future play but my plans were thwarted due to a dinner obligation with my Uncle who got me the passes. But I got to chill out at the convention center a little and see some random bands whose name I don't even remember, which was much needed.

First act I really got a chance to see was a new find, this girl named Tokimonsta who is on the same label as Flying Lotus. She was pretty excellent (cute too) and definitely have a similar sound to FlyLo which is good in my book cause I'm a big fan of his. We stayed until the very end even though her power cut out randomly at one point and they had to hook her back up. 


Next we decided to go the the Vice showcase at Kiss n' Fly, this place I had actually never been to before and honeslty may not have existed in 2006 when I first went. Our goal was to make it in time for Jeff the Brotherhood, a local Nashville band that has been doing well lately. But by the time we made it there after a good and crucial bathroom detour it was too packed to get in for that show. Luckily I was interested in the rest of the night's lineup.

Once we got in it was pretty easy to get a good spot for the next band, a group I had never heard of called Yuck. They had an intersing vibe, a sort of English garage band with a weird female bassist who for some reason was put right in the middle even though she seemingly did the least in the band. Seemed to fit their dynamic, their show was raucous but never overly so, no moshing or anything like that. Once they finished some of my friends left as some others tried to get in for the remaining shows. I debated leaving to see Menomena back at the awesome church but I was pretty happy where I was (despite the $5 Lone Stars) and I really wanted to check out Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, a band I had been hearing a lot about recently.



Ariel Pink's album made lots of best albums lists last year, but for some stupid reason I still don't have it. I decided to see first hand what all the fuss was about. They did not dissapoint, easily my favorite show of this showcase. Their music was at turns poppy and psychedelic, definitely giving off a cool and relaxed vibe it was not hard to see why people like them so much. I will be getting their album shortly, and will probably check them out again at Coachella in a few weeks.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Ariel Pink

Bun B was next, a rapper who I have seen and had the pleasure of filming before at Phatkaps in Antioch, TN. A bunch of us were there to see him and were really pumped for the show but it was a slight let down. While his energy was there the sound-man was not behind him. He had a full band with him who was coming through loud and clear but he was simply not. In fact even one of his backup vocalists could often be heard above him. Pretty tough to have a banging show when your mic is fucked up, still mad respect for the guy though. We bounced a bit early to head back to the room and beat the rush. All in all a great night.

Bun B

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