Thursday, March 10, 2011

My latest work

 It's nice to have different kinds of work going on these days, hopefully I'll eventually have the time to do a real movie. But until then I'll keep cranking away on whatever I can get, like this latest ad we finally finished for a bank in Clarksville, TN of all places:

Also just premiered a new interview with Dee Goodz and my new friends at

Been doing a lot of stuff with Dee Goodz lately and that is about to continue when we go to SXSW in less than a week. The support for our new video (scroll down for that) has been tremendous, already our most viewed video in just 2 days! Thanks to everyone for that, we're going to be updating a lot in the coming weeks with more content. Follow @dgoodz on twitter (and me while you're at it @digitalrobert) and hopefully we finally get that Floetic Justice Vol II!

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