Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dee Goodz & Questlove: Another crazy night.

Pretty crazy day all around actually. Starting a new commercial project today, same day our Bananas video is getting blown up so much they froze the view count at 300 to sort it out. And to top that off Dee Goodz has a show tonight at Mai in Nashville opening up for Quest Love. If you don't know Quest Love you're probably not reading this blog, he was throwing down a sick DJ set tonight props for all the good tune selections. Clearly I have a long way to go before I become a high-caliber DJ. Sure I can rock a wedding, but I can't do nothing like he can.

As for my man Dee Goodz he prevailed through some sound/DJ difficulties and tore the roof off the place. We're gonna get a video together of that real soon, props to Dee for getting me into the show for free. Met up with some friends and we partied hard, a great way to start off the week. Being that this is my birthday week and all I'm feeling starting off with such a bang.

Lots more coming soon, check out the Bananas video below and stay tuned for lots more videos on the horizon.

Also follow @dgoodz on twitter NOW, new mixtape is dropping later this week! Stay connected for details.

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