Saturday, February 19, 2011

I can see clearly now

Just got a new pair of glasses the other day, things do look different. I've been without a pair of prescription glasses for a while, and I pretty much can function in every way without then. But when I saw a groupon for $150 off a pair of glasses at a store near my house I couldn't resist. It seemed like time to see again.

You see I'm nearsighted, meaning as the distance of my vision increases the blur factor comes into play. It is not that I can't see things far away, it is just that detail is lost. But I'm finding that they only really help in certain situations. For instance I couldn't wear them now, it would make staring a computer swing uncomfortable pretty quickly. And I've developed quite a tolerance to look at computer monitors several hours a day normally, although they are for sure way easier on the eyes these days.

I was slightly disappointed about my result with wearing them at a movie I saw recently (127 hours, which is incredible btw). Sometimes a little bit of blur works well with film viewing. After all motion pictures is a trick on your vision, running at 24 frames per second (30 on TV, or 29.97 really) convinces the eye there is constant movement. So a little blur is nice, the new sharpness kind of threw me off. Where my glasses really make a difference is outside. This is where the vibrancy of life really comes out, the detail is wanted there. Because in general I don't mind life a little blurry. I'll post a picture of them soon, for now it's time to get back to work.

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