Thursday, February 24, 2011

crazy night

Been trying to finish this other blog post about these new CD's I bought but I just haven't found the time. Definitely couldn't happen tonight. I filmed this crazy hip-hop showcase at the End in Nashville, was quite a spectacle (a very hot one too). It was interesting because I've been living in Nashville for a long time and I go to a lot of show but I had never one like this. 12 different hip-hop artists performed over the span of 4 hours, a marathon that payed off well with the debut performance of Gab (@_whoisgab) as the closer. I know 8 off 8th and I've seen a couple of other showcases in Nashville but it's pretty much rock groups of some kind. There is a demand for this shit. Maybe just few less performers next time, a bit longer set times, and definitely a different venue no offense to the End but they're not coming back. But all around it was a great show, the first time I have ever filled my footage capacity at a single event (which is currently 153 minutes with the way I format everything now in a combo of 1080p24 and 720pn24 between my Firestore and P2 card respectively, figured I'd go technical for a sec, I still do love my amazing Panasonic HPX-170).

So there will be more blog updates and definitely more videos in the near future, spring is about to get crazy! Hell SXSW is less than 3 weeks away, going to be throwing down harder than ever this year in Austin. Dee Goodz is playing along with my brother's band Young Man on top of more people coming to the festival than ever before. On that note I sign off...for now...

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