Friday, July 8, 2011

Korea in pictures

I have just recently finished going through the 1000+ pictures I shot in Korea, and rather than go through a narrative of all the sights I figured it'd be cooler to show. All of these were shot on my new Canon 5D, I chose 25 of my favorite shots through out the trip. Some have descriptions but several are just cool shots I liked. Hopefully this will give you a taste of the visual aspect of Korea. Only one more blog entry to go about this trip, detailing my exploits in the amazing city of Busan. Now on to the pictures:

Incheon, home base
Seoul Station, major hub of the city
Myeongdong shopping district
Taken inside a subway station
A rare empty train car
Namsan Tower
Locks of love
Incredible views of a city of 20 million people
Minutes before sunrise
The meat of Shabu Shabu

Some form of protest

Changgyeonggung palace
Macro temple decorations
All of these pictures were taken in Seoul or Incheon and are in semi chronological order. One day I hope to return.

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