Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. in Nashville w/ Dee Goodz

I've been terrible with updates lately. Back in Nashville now, post Bonnaroo now and I haven't updated in nearly 3 weeks. I guess I've been a combination of busy and lazy. Still sorting through Korea pictures, I will get to the rest of that later this month. I have had great feedback from my previous writings about Korea, thanks for that. But now let's move back to what this blog usually focuses on, music.

This past Saturday June 18th I witnessed one of the most exciting shows I've ever seen in Nashville. If you can't already tell I see a lot of concerts, and being from Nashville it is probably where I have seen the most (not counting festivals). Big K.R.I.T. is someone who has been doing the rap thing for a while but I have just now heard about because he's been everywhere lately. He was all over SXSW this year, I saw him 3 times while down there and during one showcase featuring Odd Future and Curren$y he was the best performer out of the group. So I was very happy to hear he was coming to Nashville, and even more excited that my friend Dee Goodz would be opening for him! Thanks again to Mercy Lounge, probably the best venue in Nashville right now for my tastes at least.

The day started with a in-store appearance at Phatkaps up in Antioch. They put on a lot of good events like this and even shows sometime on top of being an awesome store. Big K.R.I.T. was really cool, letting people interview and take pictures with him plus handing out signed copies of one of his mixtapes, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. He stayed for nearly two hours before having to leave, here are some of my pictures below (and one taken by the staff of, one of the best blogging sites out of Nashville hands down).

So that was part 1. Part 2 took us to Mercy Lounge for the show. The place was packed, not sure if it was sold out but it was damn near close. I missed the first openers but did make it in time to capture Dee Goodz' performance. Despite the heat (it was hot as hell in there) and the anticipation for Big K.R.I.T.'s performance Dee delivered a banging show, riffing through material all through his catalog as well as some stuff I'd never heard him play before. We're gonna have a video detailing the evening within a week so keep on the lookout for that. And if you don't know Dee Goodz by now and you read this blog you NEED to fix that, go check out his website now.

After Dee's show the audience was near ready to burst, and they did pretty much just that once he popped out on stage. I was again covered in sweat within minutes just watching and filming the madness unfold. Big K.R.I.T. tore it up for an hour, and despite the heat I'm sure the audience could have gone for another one. I took a couple of videos along with some pictures that probably do a better job capturing the madness. It is fair to say though it was one of the hypest and most exciting shows I had seen in Nashville in a while. He showed major love for Nashville and his fans, which goes a long way for a show like this. Major props to Big K.R.I.T., all the supporting talent, Rocksmith, The Smoking Section, Break on a cloud, and Love Noise for helping bring this show together. I had a blast and I'm sure the fans did to. Proof below lies in the videos, also posted several of my favorite pictures form the night. Still a learning process with stills versus video, note to self to try and shoot a faster shutter speed next time.

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  1. It seems like you had fun in the gig, it looks so amazing in the picture and everything seems to be well managed. Thanks for sharing your moments with us.