Friday, November 18, 2011

Big news, BreathalEyes announcement!

It's been way too long since I've updated this thing. There's been much I've been meaning to write about because a lot has been going on but I just never got it together. Big news has come though, finally after nearly a year's worth of work our iPhone App BreathalEyes is coming out on Monday 11/25. But first let's roll back to February.

In February 2011 I started XplorCorps LLC with two Nashville partners, Russell Ries and Clay Bradley. XC was formed as a creative software and development company with our first product in mind to be what would become BreathalEyes. BreathalEyes is the most advanced method of approximating Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) on the iPhone to date. Revolutionary Patent Pending technology puts the functionality of a breathalyzer on your iPhone. Effective range: 0.02% - 0.17% (+/- .02%) BAC. Once downloaded, BreathalEyes can approximate an intoxicated individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC), anytime and anywhere! You can visit our website at for more information, or check below for some facts and a video showing the app action.

-BreathalEyes scans the eye to detect and analyze Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN).
-Technology based on 40 years of public and private testing.

-Only works on intoxicated individuals.

-Effective range: 0.02% - 0.17% (+/- .02%) BAC.

-Visit for tips and videos.

-You can “SCAN” an individual with BreathalEyes immediately. With a breathalyzer, the subject has to wait 20 mins, after drinking to “BLOW”.

-No network connection required.

-Flash function for low lighting conditions.

-No data is recorded or retrieved from your phone by BreathalEyes.

-Works on iOS 4.3 and later.

BreathalEyes is for entertainment purposes only. Each person reacts differently to alcohol. The test results are for reference only and maybe affected by conditions such as high altitude and interaction with medications. BreathalEyes does not take any legal responsibility.